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Wedding Dress Shopping Scrapbook LayoutWedding dress shopping!  This is why I’m so happy to be including pre-wedding stuff in my wedding scrapbook.

Challenge 1: I had a ton of pictures from trying on wedding and bridesmaid dresses.  I wanted to create a sense that I tried on a lot of dresses without overwhelming the page.

Challenge 2: Some of the pictures were just okay.  I wasn’t that great at taking pictures back then.  Plus, I have some pictures of my bridesmaids in pretty random dresses and I know they would appreciate it if I didn’t blow them up to 5×7″.

Solution?  Lots of little rectangles.  This is very similar to the discussion I posted about using lots of little squares in a layout.

Wedding Dress Shopping Scrapbook LayoutI created a long vertical grid and cut the pictures to 1.8 x 1.25 inches.  To keep it interesting, I mixed in a few black and white ones.  The large color picture near the top is me trying on the dress that I ended up getting.

Fitting in Keepsakes:  This included the business card from the salon where I bought my dress, a swatch of my bridesmaids dresses, and paint chips that I picked up that day to match my wedding colors.

Wedding Dress Shopping ScrapbookI trimmed the keepsakes the same size as the pictures.  They neatly fit into the layout without being too distracting.

Wedding Dress Shopping Scrapbook LayoutWondering what the best way is to include swatches of fabric in your scrapbook?  Never fear, I’ll be covering that in a different post in the future.

Wedding Dress Shopping ScrapbookFinishing it off, I added a blue border around the grid and cut a headline out with the Silhouette.

Wedding Dress Shopping Scrapbook LayoutTo see my entire wedding scrapbook (so far), please visit my wedding scrapbook page.

Wedding Dress Shopping Scrapbook Layout

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