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New Year's Craft ResolutionI actually don’t make new Year’s resolutions.  Not because I feel above it all or anything, I just never think about it.

How about a crafty new year’s resolution?  Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about crafts and creative time.  I have a lot of exciting things in life planned for 2012 and fitting in creative time will be a challenge.  Expect a few more posts about this as the year goes on.

Creative time is precious and I don’t think I could ever possibly have enough.  I realized what bits of creative time I do have I should guard.  So here it goes:

Crafty New Year’s Resolution:
No Email or Social Networking During Creative Time

Normally, when I work on a project, I probably check my email several times.  I can check my email from anywhere.  I can’t work on creative projects from anywhere.

Sure, it probably won’t be an absolute ban and I’m okay with that.  The mantra above is easier to repeat to myself than “cut down messing around on the computer as much as possible during creative time except when it’s really important.”

Are you making any crafty new year’s resolutions?  If not something formal, do you have any crafty goals this year?

Note:  I’ve updated my Links page, which includes links to blogs I read.  It’s a new year!  Head on over there to check out blogs I love and try some new ones on for size.

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