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Scrapbook keepsakes

I’ve finished my college scrapbook and gotten rid of extra pictures.  It’s also time to go through and throw out any keepsakes I didn’t use.  Remember my box of keepsakes?  You can catch up on how I organize my box of keepsakes to work on a new scrapbook here.

Even though I keep a ton of keepsakes, I don’t use all of them.  Sometimes I decide an event isn’t worth scrapbooking.  This happened at times with my college book because I thought everything in back then college was oh-so-important.  Sometimes I saved too many items from an event.  I used to include everything but am more critical now about how something will fit on the page.

I make sure to go through the box when I’m nearing the end of the book to make sure I didn’t forget something.  I keep everything I didn’t use until the end of the book, even if I’ve already done the layouts from that event.  Just in case!  Sometimes I like to use bits and pieces of keepsakes from the entire album at the end for some wrap-up pages.  I’ll consider turning some of the keepsakes into embellishments like Tammy does in this post.

But after all of that, it’s time to say goodbye!  I recycle as much as possible but everything goes.

Freed closet space is like magic!

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