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When I covered 35mm/printed photo organization, I said what doesn’t make it into my scrapbook get tossed.  I meant it.

Here is the stack of leftovers.  When I was in college, I trotted down to the photo store almost weekly to develop photos.  I always got double prints.  Thinking about how much that cost gives me the shakes.  Still, that was back in a time when you had to get photos developed if you wanted to see them.  This is also back when your friends had to come over to if they wanted to see them because they couldn’t be shared online.  Ah, memories.

The other shudder-inducing fact:  photos aren’t recyclable.  I’m sending some of these to friends, but the rest will be shredded and put in the trash.  Nothing keeps me from over-printing digital photos now like thinking of the money I spent and throwing it away!

However, I’ve used what I’m going to use.  I’ve scanned the ones I want to save.  Everything else is just a lesson learned because I really value the space that will be freed.

Time to go work on that pile.

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