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Olfa Rotary CutterLet’s take some time out to talk about the tools of my trade.  I’m not a normal scrapbooker in many ways.  I also don’t use normal tools.  If you looked at my tools, you may think I’m a quilter!  I don’t have that type of talent, but I am a quilter’s daughter.

My mom is a serious quilter as well as notorious handyperson (see the t-shirt quilt).  My mom can show you a beautiful quilt she’s just finish and claim that she “just threw this together.”

She gave me many of my tools.  They are really intended for people that sew, but they work beautifully on paper crafts.  First up, my all-around-awesome Olfa Rotary Cutter.

I can’t use paper slicers, they aren’t accurate enough for my cuts.  I was working on a squares layout years ago (much like this one) when I realized that a paper slicer wouldn’t cut it.  No pun intended, har har.  A rotary cutter is very accurate, clean, and allows me full control.

True, the blades can wear out and get nicks in them.  I keep a pack of blades on hand just in case.  With normal use, I replace a blade maybe once a year.  Just as with kitchen knives, a dull blade is more likely to cause injury because you use more force to compensate for the dullness.  Replace blades as often as you need to!

Warning:  Rotary cutters are very sharp and are dangerous if you don’t handle them properly.  Be careful!  It’s not something you can leave lying around with kids or husbands.  When I was growing up, I was taught to not touch the rotary cutter just as I was taught not to turn my back to the ocean.

This is one of the few tools I can’t live without!

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