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Sequential Photo Numbering

Ah, that pesky issue of sequential photo numbering.

Don’t have any idea what I’m talking about?

Did you know your digital camera sequentially numbers the file names for each picture you take?  It can if you play with the settings.  This means that, for example, the picture you take at 10am is numbered “IMG_5051″ and one you take later on that same day is numbered “IMG_5098.”

Why is this important?  When you transfer your photos to your hard drive, your computer will auto-arrange photos by file name.  At least mine does.  If they are sequentially numbered, then all the pictures you took at grandma’s house will neatly display in the order that you took them.

This is useful when you are flipping through pictures and even more useful when you are making things like slideshows.  True, there are programs that let you rearrange the order of photos in the slideshow.  But when I’m putting together a slideshow of photos to show family, it is usually at the last minute and I’m hurling photos into a folder for a DVD with no time for careful ordering.  Sequential numbering keeps everything together so all of my pictures of the Pyramids don’t get mixed throughout the show.

What if I clear my memory card?  What happens to sequential numbering?  This has always bothered me.  The numbering will reset.  Recently, I found myself on vacation with a husband who filled a 2-gig memory card in one day.  One day.   I cleared the card, backed up the photos on the computer, and the numbering reset.  And I cursed a bit.

How do I clear the card and keep sequential numbering?  Yes, you can have it both ways!  I conveniently discovered this after I got back from vacation.  Figures.  When you clear the card, clear everything except the last picture on the card.  Your camera will recognize it and will start numbering new pictures after that picture.

Note – this is how everything works on my camera.  Yours could be slightly different.

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