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Welcome to Part 2 of Organize Your Photos!  Today I’m covering ways you can organize your photos while you are taking them.  These simple tips can go a long way toward conquering your photo collection later on.

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Organize as You Go

These tips are applicable for long vacations as well as every day photo taking.  The most important lesson of this post is:

Purge pictures before you get attached.
Don’t let bad pictures ever make it to your hard drive.

Let me explain.

While you are out taking pictures:  Take a few minutes to flip through your camera.  Do this while you are in between things or subjects.  On my last vacation, I did this while we were in the car between sites.  If something came out blurry, delete it.  I’m talking pictures that are blurry enough that you can tell by looking at your tiny camera screen.

At the end of the day: If you are on a trip, take a look at your day’s worth of pictures.  For your day-to-day at home pictures, try doing this once a week.  Load your memory card into your computer but don’t copy the pictures to your hard drive.  Scroll through all the photos and delete more blurry ones or others that didn’t come out.  This way, you clear more room on your memory card for the next day/week.

Don’t feel like lugging your laptop on a trip?  On our last trip, we took our netbook with us, which was lightweight and perfect for going through pictures.  We’d take it to the hotel bar, watch the sunset, and go through our pictures over a drink.  If you have a tablet computer, or an iPod, consider looking into how to hook up your camera or memory card to it.  If you don’t have a computer with you, look through your camera again after you are settled for the day.

These “bad” photos are not abstract art.  I have to keep telling myself that.  If I leave them on my memory card and copy them to my hard drive, I’m likely to get sentimental down the road and think I might be able to use them.  Really, they’ll just end up rotting on my hard drive.

Next week, stay tuned for how I organize and back up photos when I get home!

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