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I loved scrapbooking two events with one layout so much that I decided to try it again!

More importantly, this is the first page where I’ve actually used my own handwriting.  I’m actually not a fan of my handwriting, but it looks more personal.  I was really taken with Elise’s minibooks and how clean she makes them look while still using handwriting.

Photo Blocks

Experimenting again with photo blocks, I “separated” each event by creating a 6-inch square of photos.  I didn’t have a plan for either one, I just added and cropped photos until they filled the square.  I printed each square using my trusty photo printer.

After that, I decided to hand-cut the headlines again.  I realized it’s actually easier to do using scrapbook paper instead of cardstock.

Another hand cut headline!


I don’t handwrite on my pages also because I’m a lefty.  Lefties have a hard time writing straight lines because we can’t see what we’re writing!

The page needed something else to fill the space, so I decided to go for it.  I had to be careful because I was writing on the page itself.  I drew very light lines to make sure I wrote straight and erased them later.

Erasing my guidelines.

Not bad, you may end up seeing more of my handwriting soon.

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