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*UPDATE – I’ve now started my own wedding scrapbook since this post.  Click here to see the progress.*

I’m close to finishing my last college scrapbook.  The next project is scrapbooking my wedding!

I’m actually very intimidated about this.  I want to make the wedding scrapbook just. right.

Five years isn’t too late, right?  Since it’s been about five years since we got married, I figure I should get around to scrapbooking the wedding.  I’m actually fine with putting it off for this long.  I had super craft burnout after the wedding and I don’t think I would have done a good job.

So what are your ideas?  Do you have a wedding scrapbook?  A wedding album?  Both?  What would you have done if you were married a while ago and scrapbooked back then?

Some fun examples:  I’ve been combing the internets looking for some inspiration.  Here is some of what I found:

  • Elise’s Wedding Album: This is definitely an album rather than a scrapbook, but I love the clean polished look.  The colors are very vivid but she still manages to keep a lot of white space to make it look fresh.
  • Sharyn’s Wedding Scrapbook:  This is a scrapbook done in black, white and red.  Definitely striking!  What I like here is that she included her invitation and other tangibles.  That’s definitely on my list to do.
  • Kelley’s Wedding Scrapbook: I love how Kelly included her proposal and everything leading up to her wedding in the scrapbook.
  • Natalie’s Wedding Scrapbook*:  Did you know that there’s another Natalie who also blogs about scrapbooking, got married the same month and year that I did and is working on her wedding scrapbook this year?  Her scrapbook is gorgeous and is the closest thing I’ve seen to what I want to do.

My plan so far.  I know I want the scrapbook to be all-encompassing of my wedding adventure.  It will have different sections for our wedding, engagement and planning, rehearsal, bachelor(ette) parties, bridal shower, honeymoon and anniversaries.  I could have a scrapbook that’s just the wedding, but then what would I do with the other pieces?  Our honeymoon wouldn’t fit well in another scrapbook.

I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas!

Photo Credit: photo from my wedding by Katherine Bettis Photography.

*Updated September 22, 2011 – I published this post back in April and quite a few of you are checking out the lovey ladies I listed above and their wedding albums.  Natalie finished her album a little bit ago and I wanted to link to it here to make sure you see it!