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This is the sixth in a series of posts about designing
and building the wall art for my living room.
Read the first post about how I got the idea here,
the second post about building the frame here,
the third post about buying the books here,
the fourth post about taking apart the books here,
and the fifth post about laying out and attaching the books here.

Yes, it’s DONE and I’m THRILLED with it!

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Hanging it on the Wall

I decided not to tempt fate and bought an art hanging kit that was rated to hold 100 pounds. Check your hardware store. I looked at the craft store, but they only carried 50-pound sets.

The kit comes with metal loops that get screwed into the back of the frame and wire to attach to the hooks.

After that, I attached some rubber bumpers to the corners and around the screws to keep it from scratching the wall.

So as not to scratch the wall.

The kit also came with two hooks that we nailed into the wall studs. I bought an extra hook because the piece was so big and I wanted to add one to distribute the weight.

Big time hook.

Finally, the husband and I lifted it into place so the wire was resting on the hooks. It was almost too easy.

It’s Finished!

Ta-duh! Here it is hanging over the couch:

A close-up:

This piece is definitely unique to us and we are both really pleased with how it worked out. I’m pleased that I was able to take my hair-brained idea and actually make it work. The husband is pleased that we actually have something hanging on the wall above the couch. Win Win!

I’ll revisit this in a couple of weeks and let you know how it’s holding up along with some final thoughts about what I’ve learned. Thanks for following along!

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