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How do you keep track of your travel memories?

The husband and I took a two week vacation to France last year. Friends asked if I was going to write a travel blog during the vacation. Nope, I didn’t want to spend any time writing when I could be eating baguettes.

Still, how am I going to remember everything?

I will always remember what it felt like to stand on Omaha Beach in Normandy. But how will I remember what we did each day? Will I remember the names of the places we ate?

This is especially a problem if you don’t scrapbook the vacation immediately.

My French Travel Journal

Our second day in Paris, I saw this little thing at a shop. It was perfect!

It was barely larger than my hand and fit neatly in my purse.

This is small and fit in my purse.

Whenever we had a free moment, I jotted down very basic things:

  • The date and what we did on each day.
  • Names of places we ate at.
  • What we ate.

So when I look back at my travel journal and read about sitting in a cafe near the Louvre and writing postcards to our family -

Writing postcards in a cafe near the Louvre.

I will remember this:

What are my plans for this little book now? You mean other than wistfully dreaming of Paris?

I’ll use the information in the book as prompts to help scrapbook later down the road. If I want to, the book is small enough to fit in my scrapbook itself!

Tips & Ideas

  • Keep a small travel journal to keep track of basic vacation things.
  • Make the journal compact and easy to carry.
  • Keep it simple! Write down the basics so you won’t take up too much time.
  • Use the journal to guide your scrapbooking later.
  • Consider gluing the book itself into your scrapbook!
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