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We are in the home stretch! Here are my pages for the 106th Big Game, the culmination of my earlier Big Game Week Pages. If you haven’t seen them, check out the earlier pages in this series here, here and here.

I had a TON of stuff saved from this game.

Piles of newspapers and pictures. Good luck getting that onto 2 pages.

I started by going through all the newspapers and cutting out headlines, pictures, and articles that I wanted to feature.

Going through the newspapers, picking out what I wanted to use.

The left page would be stuff leading up to the game and some of the game itself.  I used the same techniques that I’ve talked about over the last couple of weeks:  laying everything out before I glued anything down, printing draft copies of digital pictures, etc.

Laying out the first page before gluing anything down.

Here is the finished product!

Finished first page.

I finished the first page before starting work on the second.  I wanted the second page to feature during and post-game pieces.  I think I laid out the page and changed it at least 3 times.

Finally arriving at a layout for the second page. Guess who is in that big newspaper picture??

One of the reasons I changed my mind so much is because I wanted to make sure and get a picture of Aaron Rodgers on the page.

Aaron Rodgers.

Yes, Aaron Rodgers.

The Aaron Rodgers who is playing in the SUPERBOWL on Sunday.  Hindsight is one of the benefits of waiting years to scrapbook this stuff!

Here is the finished second page!

Finished second page!

Six Big Game Week pages down.  One more to go!!  Have you had enough blue and gold yet?

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